Then I translate to Morse code. Morse was a member of a nativist party, that was anti-Semite, xenophobe, that argued that Blacks should go back to Africa, Jews should go back to Middle East and so on. And what is the very first thing ever that Morse transmitted trough the Morse code? «What hath God Wrought?» 

Then I created my own code to allow the passage from the two elements of Morse code to the four elements of genetics, the four genetic bases. I transmitted the resulting DNA via email to a company specialized in genetic synthesis. So the DNA that I received two weeks later by FedEx back in 1999 made me realize that in this new world that we were entering, the old Darwinian logic would no longer be applicable. Darwin describes evolution as based on mutation and natural selection. I envisioned that the new evolutionary forces of that new era are Wall Street and FedEx. The first decides what lives and the second delivers. There are other factors that determine evolution in the 21st century that are no longer exclusively based on the natural world Darwin found and studied. We don’t find and study anymore, we invent, build, modify and send it. So I created the Genesis bacteria and presented the viewer with a dilemma, to click or not to click. That is the question. It is an ethical choice that I leave up to the participant.

T.H.: Thank you for the lucid explanation of the structure of your work. How did you come up with the concept of the work and the structure of the transferences? Did you have this genealogy, starting with the translations of the Bible to Morse and modern communication systems like FedEx already in your mind, based on historical research you obviously made?

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