So I thought that in the context of history, political movements and political actions had gone from heroic figures who theorized revolutions, to mass movements that carried out rebellious transformations, to one's individual reality. It was a political act to resist in your own individual life the oppressive impact of party ideology, but also ideology in the largest sense, that establishes hierarchies, that establishes ideas of normality and deviation and these kinds of polarities. So I invented a kind of poetry made to be presented and experienced directly in the social space, because there was no social space.

T.H.: What kind of poetry did you create and what was its relation to social reality?

E.K.: I called it «pornpoetry,» because I subverted porn and turned it into a politically progressive tool. Every language has expressions that betray an ideology. When you say to somebody «fuck you» and you say that aggressively – the question is, why do you take something that is supposed to be of great pleasure and transform it into a verbal weapon? When you look at a person and you call that person a «cow» or a «bitch,» why do you take another mammal, another member of the community of life, and use that word with the intention to offend? One of the semiological subversions I implemented in my pornpoetry was to undermine this process of stigmatization.

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