The enigma of the music-producing hand, of the hand as discourse, thus shares with, and corroborates, the conclusion that Martin Kemp has derived from Leonardo’s cardiological and gynecological pages: «After 1509 [Leonardo] becomes increasingly concerned to define what is and what is not knowable with certainty to the mind of man […] spiritual qualities lay outside the range of his late science; while his powers of artistic suggestion endow his paintings with an ability to imply the mysterious existence of something beyond effects and even beyond causes». [38]

Dr. Lea Dovev is Senior Lecturer at Bar-Ilan University (Israel), and an essayist and a literary translator. She studied art history and philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and musicology at Tel Aviv University. She holds DEA (1982) and PhD (1987) degrees from the Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne). Her academic publications include, beside numerous academic articles and essays, the books Six Modes of Painting-Music (Jerusalem 2003) and Art in the Fields of Power (Tel Aviv 2009). On 2008 was published her annotated translation into Hebrew of Souvenir d'enfance par Piero della Francesca by Hubert Damisch, with a post-script essay. Her most recent work is Selfhood in the Flesh: a Hermeneutic Reading of Leonardo da Vinci’s Anatomical Project (forthcoming, Jerusalem).

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