P.N.: This exhibition starts with the Holocaust but it ends up with the invasion of Iraq, which was motivated by money, by usura too.

T.H.: In the left piece of the triptych called Pandora’s box there is a small found photograph of Saddam Hussein. Where did you take that photo?

P.N.: I had this Koranic table, which is a piece of a board that I got from an Arabic country. With this board kids study the Koran in poor schools. It’s made of wood, it’s broken and it is full of scratches. It was on top of my shelf. When Saddam was caught I ripped his portrait out of a newspaper and I put it there and I made a picture.

I wanted to go to Iraq but I always make a point of not going when things are really warm. I always like to go there afterwards. I went to Sarajevo three years after the war. I like to see how the wounds heal, how people deal with the scars. I’m definitely not a photojournalist.

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